Customs clearances will cost £250 million a week in the case of No Deal

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The government suggested the cost of No Deal Brexit yesterday. They were estimates, of course. And all estimates are wrong, by definition. But I think they have tried.

A figure of 9% of GDP lost in the long term is a hard one to call: the answer on long term estimates is always 'how can you be sure?' That is certainly true in this case. That there will be a substantial cost I have no doubt. But how much in GDP terms: it may be that much and it may not be.

But, one figure looks more robust. That is that it will cost £13 billion a year for UK business to do Customs paperwork in the case of No Deal.

Let me contextualise that. This is 8% of the NHS budget.

It is £250 million a week.

Do you remember the Brexit bus?

We know that was overstated. It was at last £100 million less. And we could now pay that sum to just get goods in and out if the EU, which we do not do now.

And that is before any other cost is considered.

And quite bizarrely Theresa May thinks that MPs need to vote on the option of doing this in two weeks time.

She is mad.

The world has gone mad.

The idea that Brexit might be of benefit is mad, No Deal or not.

But still it marches on, destroying what little was left of the credibility of UK politics and wrecking any chance of any debate on any issue of importance in this country whilst threatening our universal well being, rights, and our nation in its current form.

No sane person could have believed this might happen.

But it is. And still the Right pursue Brexit as if it is a benefit. And still the electorate are not punishing them.

It is unsurprising that outside the UK most people think our collective sanity is in question.