Labour talks a second referendum when the debate has moved on to extensions

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A month to go to Brexit and Corbyn finally, and reluctantly, endorses the idea of a second referendum on the issue, as he promised he would last September.

But, he does so knowing three things. The first is that there is no time for such a referendum to take place now. Second, in that case no one thinks that this is now the priority, and it will therefore not win support in Parliament at present. And third, the issue now is whether an extension to Article 50 is needed, meaning that Labour has missed the issue on Brexit, yet again.

As exercises in running down the clock go this is second only to May’s.

No wonder so many think Corbyn’s desire to leave is at least as strong as hers.

I want a committed left of centre leadership of Labour. This country needs that, in my opinion. This option has, to use Labour’s favourite term, to be on the table. The trouble is Corbyn is not providing that leadership. And that is Labour’s problem.

I wish it were otherwise, for Labour. And for Corbyn. But it isn’t. And we’re paying a price for that, which was so unnecessary.