The Tax Justice Network February 2019 podcast

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In Edition 86 of the February 2019 Tax Justice Network’s monthly podcast/radio show, the Taxcast (available on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify and other podcast platforms):

  • why hasn’t the European Commission investigated any of the secret tax deals that were exposed by the LuxLeaks whistleblowers where tax authorities gave multi-national companies outrageously low tax rates?
  • Plus ‘aid’ for whom? We discuss the financialisation of aid
  • And also: zero federal income taxes last year in the US for one of the world’s biggest monopolists: Amazon


Simon Bowers of the ICIJ on why the EU Commission has so far failed to investigate the LuxLeaks cases almost five years later:

it’s a burning question…the EU’s Competition Commissioner Margarethe Vestager said yes, we’re looking at these documents, we will examine it, we’ll evaluate whether or not this leads to the opening of a case and we’ve not heard anything since…We all know how soft power works and there is clearly a conflict there.”