What’s a bad night for May like now?

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There is little time for blogging today: the day job demands attention from hereon.

But, first a thought on reaction in this morning's media, which appears to think May had a good night in the Commons yesterday.

Since when was having a good night talking your own ‘best deal' down so that you can go back to the EU for changes that you know will not ever be granted?

If that's a good day it shows how low expectations have sunk.

I suspect the press is preparing for its celebratory stories that supermarkets still have some food to sell in mid-April. It may be cat food but there will be something.

The reality is that this reporting reflects a nation at so low an ebb, and so confused, it can celebrate having the appearance of a functioning prime minister for an evening.

I, however, rather worryingly found myself almost agreeing with Oliver Letwin (which may be a first) when he said:

I have actually got to the point where I am past caring what the deal is we have — I will vote for it to get a smooth exit … If those [no deal] risks materialise, our party will not be forgiven for many years to come. It will be the first time when we have consciously taken a risk on behalf of our nation, and if terrible things have happened to real people in our nation because of that risk, we will not be able to argue it was someone else's fault.

I fear that is how I would vote now, so worried am I as to the alternative.

And he is right about the Tories.

But I fear they are going to learn the hard way. And so are we.

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