There are two deals left on the table: No deal and the EU’s deal (which is no longer May’s deal). Which would you choose?

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So, the Commons has voted.

It would seem that it has rejected No Deal, because one non-binding amendment that suggested this was passed.

But it has rejected May's Deal.

And it has rejected creating the time to find a better deal.

And it has rejected staying.

So the Commons has voted, yet again, for wishful thinking and nothing concrete of benefit to anyone.

What can I see happening now?

First, there is no chance of a People's Vote: if the Commons cannot vote to extend Article 50 they could not get the majority required for a second vote. I call that option dead.

For the record, so too is staying: I do not think there is anything like a majority for that.

So there are only two known options.

One is the EU's deal, which was once called May's deal, but can't be any more as she has apparently abandoned it.

And the other is No Deal.

I think that's what's left. And I can't see changes to either.

So, what would you do? Vote No Deal? Or the EU's deal?

I am beginning to think that I would vote for the EU's deal? Why? Because it leaves us in the EU. And it leaves everything open to negotiation thereafter.

It pains me to say it, because this deal is profoundly unattractive. But it is better than No Deal.

The only good thing is that May has now rejected it. Which means that she will never be able to claim it as a win.

But that's mighty small consolation.

I'll sleep on this, but that's my view right now.