The European Commission is giving up on us

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As the FT has reported this morning:

Brussels is to sue the UK in Europe's highest court over tax breaks for commodities traders, according to EU diplomats briefed on the plans, escalating a battle that Britain said risked damaging the post-Brexit competitiveness of the City of London.

To some extent the details of this claim do not matter, although I have a strong suspicion the EU has a good case. The interesting question is why bring a claim for a multi-billion euro settlement now when relations are already strained and this can only fuel Brexit sentiment?

There is only one obvious answer. And that is that the Commission now thinks that the UK will crash out of Europe and as a result the Commissuon is intent on securing every remaining claim it has on the UK, come what may.

This is the sign that the Commission is giving up on us, in my opinion.

In that case why wouldn't you want to secure your options now?

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