I live my life in practice and not in theory

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I have resigned from those organisations I have been linked with that promote modern monetary theory.

I have done so without regret.

I remain convinced by the core argument of MMT as I see it, as explained here.

I have no time for being told this leads to one inevitable course of action that is the only available option if one wants to be theoretically compliant with the prescriptions of MMT.

I will say in future in response to that claim what I often think when faced with academic nonsense, which is that I live my life in practice and not in theory.

In practice I will continue to argue for the fact that we spend and tax, and that this correct understanding of the fiscal cycle does let us push for full employment. But I recognise that in the real world there are vastly more ways to achieve this than an academic can model. And the real world is where we live.