A People’s Vote is not the only referendum

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If you live in England (and not all readers do, I know) then you would think that the only referendum under discussion in the UK right now is what is now popularly called A People's Vote, or a second EU referendum.

Those of us familiar with debate in Scotland (and I am, a bit) know that this is not true. There the debate is on a second independence referendum.

Scotland may not have prepared for this as well as it might. But the greater the Brexit chaos, whether we leave, stay or just dangle somewhere between these islands and somewhere else yet to be officially nominated, the more likely it is that Scotland will go to the polls on this issue, with or without Westminster sanction. The pressure is growing.

As usual, in my opinion, some of the best comment on this comes from Robin McAlpine, but other options are available.

My point is that those who think Brexit is the only show in town are wrong. The Union is also up for grabs. And it may well be voted on soon.