The Green New Deal is about producing a better world

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From the Guardian this morning, and a conversation between Adam Curtis and Adam Mackay:

AM: I met with some of these Democratic leaders, and they talk about polling and market testing like they’re bad network executives. I have to tell them: the second you do that, you’re dead. That’s why the Democratic party is not tackling global warming — because it polls terribly. And why wouldn’t it? It’s about the end of human life.

AC: That’s because they present it as a doom-laden dystopia, and not an opportunity to do something to change the world in an extraordinary way.

AM: The Green New Deal is exciting.

AC: Exactly. Because that allows you to combine it with attacking austerity and the badness of the present day, and saying we can produce a better world, for now and for the future. But global warming is not presented as an opportunity to change the planet in an extraordinary and better way, is it? It’s a dark force that we’re being sucked into, and can do nothing about. The politicians and the thinktankers, say: “Oh my God! It’s all going to die.” My theory is that they’re late baby boomers projecting their own fear of mortality on to the planet. They’re trapping us in the depressed mind of a dying hippy. That’s my theory.

It’s hard to disagree.