MMT, forthcoming

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This feels like the morning when MMT needs to be spoken about.

Commentators on the blog are still asking what it is.

Commentators in the media are far from asking anything like the right questions, if Rafael Behr in The Guardian is to be taken as an example of them suggesting the household analogy is still,very much alive and well.

And Molly Scott Cato tweeted the Green Party’s support for Positive Money’s views on banks, which are both technically wrong and not MMT, which is unfortunate.

That there is still work to do is still obvious.

I could at this point refer to two blogs I have written. One is MMT in a nutshell. The other is on stripping MMT back to its core. But maybe they have not really worked, as yet.

I would love to answer all such points right now, but there are trains to catch, meetings to go to and work that demands attention.

What I have begun work on is an MMT Q&A. I would rather not. But my searching can’t produce anything I want, so I will work on it. I'll get it out as soon as possible.