It’s all over if we leave without a deal. Why is anyone pretending otherwise?

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The FT has noted that:

Trucks would face six-day queues to board ferries at Dover if new customs checks in the event of a no-deal Brexit were to delay each vehicle by just 70 seconds, according to government-commissioned research.

A summary of the analysis obtained by the Financial Times claims extra processing time of 80 seconds per truck would lead to “no recovery” – described by an official as widespread permanent gridlock.

And this ignores what happens in France.

To use a technical term, we're completely and utterly fucked if we leave without a deal.

And we cannot feed the country in that case.

I know this is being issued as propaganda in advance of the debate on May's deal, but shall we stop pretending that this is not the case, irrespective of that?

Which does not mean we need to support May. Staying is obviously the solution to this problem.

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