If only our politicians had the courage of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

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Paul Krugman wrote a New York Times piece at the weekend praising the thinking of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

What thinking, precisely?

Her support for highest income tax rates of up to 80%, to be exact.

Because, as he pointed out, there is plenty of economic theory to suggest that such rates make sense.

And plenty of economic data to show that they do no harm.

Whereas the opposite demand, for low rates, has no evidential support at all.

So Krugman praised her use of evidence.

I would go further. I praise her courage to embrace an important issue, to state her case even if it outrages some, and to show she has conviction to back the evidence.

If only we could see some of that in the UK.

We could have a Green New Eeal.

And the associated necessary tax reforms to match it, in association with up to date macroeconomic understanding of money.

Instead we have politicians on the left who discuss incomprehensible Brexit policy and rail nationalisation.

If only.