The Gower Initiative for Modern Money Studies has more to offer

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This was posted by the Gower Initiative for Modern Money Studies on Facebook this morning, and as I think it's important and I support what they're seeking to do I am sharing it here:

Today we launch our new blog space: Long Read

Our aim is to bring to attention the published academic papers and articles on Modern Monetary Theory and related subjects, for a more in-depth commentary aimed at those wishing to expand their understanding.

For our opening publication we are delighted to present an article by Philip Armstrong. Philip has been a teacher of business, economics and engineering for 34 years, and is currently studying part-time for a PhD in Modern Monetary Theory and Heterodox Alternative approaches.

In the New Year, we shall be expanding the Resources page on our website to include key research papers and including a link to the accessible, comprehensive database of published papers and articles which we are currently developing.
In addition, we shall be expanding our range of entry level MMT fact sheets aimed at those without any knowledge of economics.

Many of our fact sheets, leaflets and articles are available as PDF files so that students can download and share them for discussion in their communities.

Well worth looking at.