The UK can’t even crash out of the EU and maintain the pretence of having a functioning government

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This report comes from and appears reliable, being confirmed in other media:

On Wednesday, MPs were informed that a ‘no deal’ Brexit would see the United Kingdom without a fully functioning customs system for at most two years.

In a sobering warning, senior officials from the HM Revenue & Customs informed the Treasury committee that the moment to start planning for the collapse of the negotiations already passed months ago.

MPs were told that the United Kingdom would find it hard to properly collect tariffs, while the potential for traffic chaos at various ports was a “known unknown.”

Jim Harra, an HMRC official, informed the Treasury committee: “We would start off with a functioning but clearly sub-optimal customs border.”

He continued: “I think we are looking at a minimum of two years from the no deal to get to a point where you can say we have a steady-state system where we are comfortable that we can manage all the fiscal risks in a way we would like and trade can flow in the way we would like.”

What is extraordinary about this is that the UK has not even got the option of crashing out of the EU whilst keeping any pretence of having a functioning government, if the ability to enforce the law and collect tax owing is indication of that, on which I think most would agree.

In that case parliament has an absolute duty to avoid a no deal Brexit.