For England things can only get worse

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If you want to know why Brexit happened read the press release from the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights I have just republished. That is the only explanation needed.

If you want to know why Brexit will fail realise that it was motivated and driven by the same people that promoted the abuse of human rights in the UK.

And if you want to know why I am so confident it will fail, read what the Rapporteur has to say on Brexit’s almost certain impact on poverty, whatever deal we get.

Note too what Byline Investigations noted:

The [Rapporteur] said he has found that “there’s a real awareness of economic, social and cultural rights” in Scotland, but this is not the case in England.

“[Scotland’s] First Minister spoke to me about them at great length with a real understanding of what was involved,” he said. “There is a commitment to move towards sustained action... and you’ve got a society in which social rights really matter and people know what you’re talking about.

“Down in the rest of the country, in England, it is not all that far from what I encounter in my own country, Australia, and that is a ‘for God’s sake, don’t talk about human rights, it’s not going to help’.

Which is the fundamental cultural difference that will make Scotland and Northern Ireland want to leave the UK. We are not a single country, if we ever were. Neoliberalism has torn us asunder. This is the legacy of Thatcher.

And for England it will get worse. Those driving Brexit want it that way.