Tax justice continues to attract attention

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I was in the media a couple of times over the weekend. Since the comments were carefully scripted I won’t repeat them here.

The Mail yesterday included comment from me on a $1 billion claim by HMRC against GE Capital. This looks to be a transfer pricing or thin capitalisation issue. The scale is surprising.

On Saturday the Times reported my opinion that the new Digital Services Tax could easily be avoided by those it is meant to target. This was covered accessibly by Politics Home.

Perhaps most interesting is that fifteen years after tax justice campaigning began stories still feature regularly in the media. Like it or not, tax justice has fuelled the alienation many feel from a global elite operating multinational corporations. Whether this has had the unfortunate consequence of fuelling populism is an issue open to question. That it is an issue that still angers people is, I think, beyond doubt. The time must come when those dedicated to preserving democracy must take this issue seriously. I would suggest that they have not as yet.