Might Theresa May tell the truth?

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There is an editorial in the Guardian this morning that suggests Theresa May should tell the truth on Brexit. I presume that whoever wrote it was not serious. After all, what would that involve?

Admitting that the Tories have always been wrong to focus on this issue?

That Cameroon was wrong to call a referndum?

That the referendum question was wrong?

That the Leave campaign was corrupt?

And the Remain campaign inept?

That May’s redlines were in all the wrong places?

That Article 50 notice should not have been given until its meaning was clear?

That May appointed the wrong people to negotiate?

That she had no one better to negotiate?

That she herself was not up to the job?

That no one in the Tory party gave a thought to Ireland?

Or Scotland, come to that?

That this policy will wreck the UK economically?

As it has already any remaining form of diplomatic power the UK had?

And that people will be worse off, in part by their choice but much more as a result of her interpretation of that choice?

That she has undermined the very sovereignty she claimed was so important?

And most likely destroyed the UK as a nation?

That if people thought Cameron was bad then she is so much worse?

That’s what truth would require.

It’s not going to happen.