Doing the right thing

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I am often asked why I will not stand for political office. I clearly have some of the attributes that might incline me to do so. And then something comes along to remind me of the sheer ghastliness of politics, which I have known of since the time I was a student. The Brett Kavanaugh hearings are evidence of that.

I completely believe the testimony of Dr Christine Blasey Ford.

I do not believe Kavanaugh.

I do think a boy capable of assaulting a girl in his teens who has not evidenced a massive change in his cultural attitudes since then is likely to retain the contempt for women that was apparent in his early actions.

I greatly appreciated this comment piece by Moira Donegan.

But to return to my theme this comment by Richard Wolffe hit the mark:

[Y]ou could hear Republicans gasping for air as they calculated the political cost of this nomination. What was larger? The number of votes they were losing among women versus the number of votes they would lose among Trump fanatics by putting this flatlining nomination out of its misery.

That is the base calculation of politics that I could not abide. I cannot reconcile that baseness with doing the right thing, when in this case what is right is obvious. And as a result I do not wish to participate in the sordid calculations that are a part of the politician's life, and which seem to be getting more sordid by the day.