Sometimes life gets in the way…

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Please accept my apologies for slow moderating yesterday.

And a slow start to today.

Just before 3 yesterday afternoon I got a call to say that my teenage son had been hit by a car on a zebra crossing. By chance I was working from home. I was with him in minutes.

He was a pretty concussed, rather bloodied person when I got there. But an ambulance and several police cars were in attendance very quickly. And by 10 last night we were back home. At 17 you bounce more easily than you do in later life. When he wakes this morning he's going to be in some pain, but nothing was broken and Addenbrooks could assure us that a brain scan was fine, even though he had lost consciousness for a bit.

At moments like this you count what really matters.

You say, another, sincere thanks to the NHS and all who work in it. They were under some stress last night.

You appreciate the people who came to his immediate help.

You call the driver to say he's fine and so take away one of their causes of stress.

And you cancel today's appointments so you can keep an eye on him.

But I also say other things too.

Thank heaven for regulation: the driver made a mistake but they were driving at less than the speed limit.

And you say thanks for the NHS.

And other public services.

And you note why it is that we live in a community.

And note that it matters.

And that all pay their part in it by paying tax so we can all enjoy the benefit of living in that society which can function because we do.

Because, yes I know tax does not pay for public services, but without tax to control the inflation that their supply would otherwise create, much of this would not be possible.

Now, back to work.