Richer Tax

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I should have covered this one before now, from the Guardian:

A wealthy former Tory party donor is to fund a new independent tax watchdog that will pore over the opaque finances of multinational companies and individuals to expose tax avoidance. Julian Richer, who founded the hi-fi and TV specialist Richer Sounds, is bankrolling the non-profit venture Taxwatch after growing angry at the UK’s increasingly “broken” tax system.

Taxwatch will involve journalists and tax professionals working together to expose abuses of the tax system in a bid to galvanise public opinion. Its advisers include Private Eye journalist Richard Brooks, author of The Great Tax Robbery.

“It is early days,” said Brooks. “The idea is to keep the spotlight on large-scale tax abuse, particularly in relation to big business and the wealthy. Julian Richer has provided the seed funding and we are hoping to get more people involved.”

I am pleased to report that Richer Sounds has a Fair Tax Mark.

I welcome this move. I am not involved.