There is a route to Scottish independence – but it’s not via the Growth Commission’s recommendations

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It seems only appropriate, in view of my comments this morning on the Scottish Sustainable Growth Commission report, to mention that Common Weal has offered a very different view of what an independent Scotland might look like.

For all those who want a real vision read Robin McAlpine’s ‘How to Start a New Country’. It’s reasoned, reasonable and a calm, rational and clearly deliverable case for the transition Scotland will need to make if it is to be an independent country.

And I could also suggest my own White Paper on tax in an independent Scotland which sets that issue into a macroeconomic framework that is almost entirely different from that the Growth Commission has to offer, and which would deliver true economic independence.

I make the point deliberately. If Scotland is to be free of its oppressed past it cannot ask those who subscribe to the outmoded views of now dead economists created to serve the interests of an economic elite largely located in the south-east of England to write the script for the liberation.