The right wing vision for post Brexit UK is beginning to emerge

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There is a rather uncomfortable pattern emerging that suggests the Tory vision for post Brexit UK.

The EU clearly believes that the UK is planning to be a tax haven. They are already threatening sanctions if this is to happen.

Yesterday a minister had to apologise for attacking civil servants. The idea of a de-politicised civil service that has been key to the British way of government is very obviously under threat.

And now we learn that the Chinese media have applauded Theresa May for 'sidestepping' the issue of human rights whilst in China.

What is the link? Tax havens exist to sidestep human rights. Theresa May shows herself willing to ignore the issue of human rights. And one of the bastions that ensures rights are upheld in the UK by the impartial delivery of government services is under attack. That, I suggest is the link.

What it might all suggest is that the vision of post-Brexit Britain that some have is of a place where the rights of the many are forsaken for the few. I suspect that for some at least this is indeed the goal.

In the circumstances I welcome the fact that some from across the political spectrum are joining together to challenge hard Brexit. I have long felt there is no perfect Brexit outcome because like many I share considerable reservations about some aspects of the EU. But given the emerging vision of hard Brexit Britain the prospect of retaining close ties with Europe seems much the better deal.