Brexit to be funded by the exploitation of UK workers

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I argued during the EU referendum campaign that few organisations had been as good for the rights of UK workers as the EU. Whether it be on holiday pay, equality rights, equal rights for part time employees and the right to reasonable working hours it by and large led the way, and the UK followed. It was, I argued, a reason for staying in as the likelihood was that those wanting Brexit wanted to remove some or all of those hard won rights.

The evidence that I (and others, of course) was right is beginning to emerge, As The Sunday Times (paywall) reports today of Cabinet meetings planned for this week which will finally discuss what the Cabinet wants of Brexit:

Gove and other ministers will use tomorrow's meeting to call for Britain to abandon the EU working time directive, which restricts the working week to 48 hours.

So now we know that the £350 million is to be paid for by exploiting British workers who will no longer have the right to go home when they want, and who will be exposed to greater risk as a a result. You couldn't make it up.

The TUC has already launched a petition on the issue, here. I hope you might join me in signing it.

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