Scotland deserves better data

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I have an article in the Scottish newspaper The Natiinal this morning, reflecting on the debate I took part in on BBC Radio Scotland yesterday.

I won't reproduce the whole article here. This was my conclusion:

If only Kevin Hague realised that all change for the better is dependent upon someone, somewhere sticking their head above the parapet and saying that things aren’t good enough and could be improved, he’d have something much more useful to say. I’m happy to play that role of the person seeking change in this case, and I do so for good reason. The people and politicians of Scotland can have, and deserve, better data to inform the decisions they have to make. Kevin Hague must have his own good reasons for wishing to deny them that data. I’m not bothered as to what they are and why he says what he does. All I am interested in is getting that information so life in Scotland is better for everyone. I hope all politicians who are committed to the future of the country share that view and demand better data now.

The baffling question is, why wouldn't they?