How good are the Tories at anger management?

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I am rather bored by Brexit. Apart from the revelation of May's crude and decidedly unsubtle negotiating position that must hav been chosen to alienate we learned little more about the UK's position yesterday. We did learn that Europe will play by the rules: with 27 states to accommadate that was pretty much inevitable.

What has interested me are the absurd beliefs of those people celebrating our leaving that  television presenters have found to interview. Leaving the likes of Farage aside, what has been apparent is the irrationality of their emotionally based arguments. Of course, I know such interviews are not representative, but I suspect we have all heard similar sentiments expressed.

Taking back control resonates, although all the laws that were imposed are being retained, almost without exception.

Money saving is believed to be possible, without evidence being supplied.

Sovereignty is obviously key.

And, of course, migration will be controlled.

i fear our politicians chosen to negotiate Brexit are woefully inadequate for the task given to them. But that may be a minor concern when those who thought they were regaining control can't spot the difference when Brexit has happened. What then? And how will that anger be managed? That's what really worries me. And have no doubt that there is deliberately fuelled anger already driving these emotions. That will not be going away. It will only get worse. Life in 2019 may not be fun.