The tax taboo is intact: the political right are intent on destroying everything of value

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Philip Hammoind has had to back down on modest national insurance increases for the self employed that overall made economic sense. He has done so because of the objections of the same semi-detached from reality Tory MPs who also drove his party to Brexit. This is nothing to celebrate in that case. What it really says are three things.

The first is that the Tory wreckers are still wrecking.

The second is that May has not appeased these people by going for hard Brexit.

Third, it makes clear there are no limits to which they will not go to destroy the state, its capacity and so its ability to serve the people of this country. Destroying the country, our  community, our economy and the capacity to tax it to create the world most of us want to live in is their aim, and they are intent on it whatever the cost.

I was no lover of Philip Hammond before this but this weak action in the face of puny intimidation shows how unfit he and his boss are to run a branch of McDonalds, let alone a country.

This is a deeply troubling development.