Twenty things MPs worried about Article 50 could say

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I’m all for democracy. It’s blank cheques I don’t believe in.

I’m happy to jump off cliffs, but only when I’ve found out what’s at the bottom.

I’ll happily vote for Article 50 but only when I know it won’t cost you your job.

I can live with migration controls. But I think capital controls are even more important.

I believe in free trade. That’s why I want to stay in the biggest free-trade zone that’s ever going to offer us membership.

Of course I want a free trade deal with the USA. I’m just not sure Donald Trump understands what they involve.

Please don’t tell me I’m moaning. I’m downright objecting to the Tories being reckless with your money.

I buy good ideas, but only when I know what they cost.

Of course we’re demanding the government tell us what’s going on. That’s what being in Opposition requires.

We’re not opposing Brexit. We’re just saying that right now the government hasn’t got a plan to deliver it.

You want to know what we’d do? Simple. We’d set out a plan that makes life better for you.

Let’s be blunt about this: if the Tories turn Britain into a tax haven there won’t be any money for the NHS. Of course we have to oppose that.

So you don’t like migration? Does that mean you want two million British people living in the EU to be forced to come home?

Let’s face facts. If Trump and the EU impose tariffs on us, as looks likely, who the heck are we going to trade with?

If the UK cuts migrant student numbers quite a lot of our universities will go bust. You think I shouldn’t talk about that?

Of course I’ll vote for Article 50, just as soon as the government tells me where the replacement doctors and nurses are coming from.

We voted for Brexit. We didn’t vote to do it badly.

Hard Brexit only works for the Daily Mail. For real people it’s going to mean a loss of income and I don’t think that’s what they voted for.

I’ll vote for Article 50 just as soon as someone in the government can tell me what doing so might mean for the UK.

When the facts change I reserve the right to change my mind. I’ll vote for Article 50, but I’ll need another vote when I know what Brexit really means.