Twenty five questions for 2017

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I tend to do a little preparation for most things I do. Here are some questions I thought of for use in 2017.

  • Have you seen a plan?
  • Remind me, what does Brexit mean?
  • What's your problem with parliament?
  • Do you know what the odds of winning in a game of 27 to 1 are?
  • What's great about being out on your own?
  • Tell me precisely which EU regulations you want to get rid of?
  • Have you seen that £350 million a week bonus yet?
  • Precisely what control have you got back?
  • Are you expecting two million UK nationals living in the EU to return home soon?
  • How are you going to decide who you're sending home?
  • Do you know what someone who is forced to leave the country where they live is called?
  • How are you going to make sure the NHS has the nurses it needs when we impose migration controls in 2019?
  • Which UK universities are you happy to see go bust because of a shortage of EU students?
  • Do you know who picks most of the UK's fruit and veg? Who do you think will be doing so in the future?
  • Why are you so keen to deny our young people the chance to live, learn and work abroad?
  • The EU was intended to prevent war ever happening again in Europe. How does leaving help that? What's the plan?
  • How is increased paperwork for every single import and export going to save British business money?
  • How precisely will we be better off when we have to pay tariffs on most things we import?
  • We import more than we export. How are we going to win from tariffs?
  • How are the 30,000 new civil servants working on Brexit cutting red tape?
  • Did you want to encourage Northern Ireland and Scotland to leave the UK?
  • When the City is based in Frankfurt where will you find replacement tax revenues?
  • Did you want the UK to be a tax haven with no chance if you benefitting?
  • What is it that the Australians are going to buy more of from the UK?
  • Where are you going on holiday next year? Expecting a warm welcome?