Did Theresa May go to India to deliver a snub in person?

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The Guardian has reported that Theresa May has refused to be cooperative with India on the issue of visas. But if that is the case then why did she go to India?

If Brexit is to happen and we need new trading partners few come bigger than India. But to keep good relations with India then relationships have to be built. And that means movement of people, which is precisely what May is seeking to close down.

Staggeringly, not only is she closing down work visas, her government is committed to including students in targets for net migration - something that even Enoch Powell did not do.

As an academic I am already seeing the consqeunce: overseas applications  to UK university courses are declining. This can only get worse, and if May continues the strategy she appears to be committed to the consequences will be profound. We cannot expect to trade with people to whom we close the doors of opprtunity and the exchange of ideas, but that is what she is intent on.

Why did she go to India then? Was it to deliver the snub in person?