Answers to the first Big 4 quiz, and your next starter for ten

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On Monday I asked of the Big 4 accountants:

Which firm has the most offices in any one country?

And which country is it?

There were lots of suggestions. and none were right.

The actual answers are PWC, in Sweden, where it has 94 offices. And yes, I know that list looks to have 95 offices on it, but two look to be in one place and the only way to be consistent in this research is to count multiple offices in one location as being one effective office, or Deloitte would (for example) have two offices in London that are, in fact, absolutely adjacent to each other, which would render all the data absurd.

This is the data for the top two countries:


Does anyone have any clue why the Big 4 are so over-represented in Scandinavia, by the way? Deloitte even have eleven offices in Iceland.

Which then brings me to your next starter for ten. Note that column at the right hand end: population per office? Would anyone like to guess where that figure is lowest? Or to put it another way, where is the place in the world where the Big 4 seem most over-represented based on the number of people in the local population?