The City v Brexit ministers: fisticuffs coming soon

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The FT reports this morning that:

In its first blueprint for life after Britain leaves the EU, the City’s main lobby group has sketched out the vulnerabilities of the Square Mile and laid out a vision for how London can remain Europe’s financial capital.

Top of TheCityUK’s wishlist is for sustained access to the single market and for “mechanisms approximating single market passporting”.

Or to put it another way, keep everything as close as possible to the way it was, please.

No chance of conflict with those ministers negotiating Brexit in that case then.

I sense just a little tension coming up soon.

As I said before the referendum when I predicted a change of prime minister after the event pretty much come what may:

What is on offer to whoever takes the premiership after Brexit is a chalice much more poisoned than that Mervyn King thought was on offer to anyone in the UK in 2010.

Nothing is likely to change my mind on that one. I suspect Theresa May might well agree, if not now then soon.