Coalition anyone?

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I was invited to a meeting last night at which members of at least three political parties who considered themselves to be on the left, and quite a number of people who were in no political party at all, met to discuss how to secure fair political representation in an area where the Tories always win less than 50% of the vote and 90% of the seats on local councils.

The sense of common interest was very strong: it was suggested more than 80% common interest existed based on manifestos and other statements.

It was agreed to see if joint policy initiatives were possible.

And there was a lot of ittitation that 'on high' and rule books may frown upon any such exercise.

No one guaranteed that electoral pacts would follow: no one was sure how such things could happen.

But I sensed three things.

First, frustration.

Second, a deep desire to be represented.

Third, a community of interest willing to look at a common politics.

I was impressed and wish those involved well.

And out of curiosity is anyone else undertaking such an exercise? Locations need not be stated if party rules are being breached.