The non-doms are leaving – again

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This is from an FT email this morning:

Flight of the non-doms Experts cite several reasons for the slowdown in London's previously red-hot luxury property market, including changes to stamp duty and concerns about a UK exit from the EU. But for some property agents, one other factor looms large: a potential change to a special tax status for residents known as non-doms.

So, yet again it is argued in advance of a budget that we must keep non-dom tax rules.

Even though they discriminate solely on the basis of a person's national origin, which is usually illegal.

And even though they increase inequality.

And despite the fact that they have massively and harmfully impacted the London property market.

And although there is no real evidence that non-doms actually bring much inward investment to the UK.

But the Pink'un will roll out their support come what may: tackling inequality in the interests of creating a better society for all was never that high on their agenda. But it is on mine. Which is why I have long opposed the continuation of this abuse.

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