2015 Newsmaker: Murphy’s law

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The Guardian has just published this:

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 16.37.21

I think they were trying to establish a mad professor theme with that choice of photo.

As for the profile, it's an interesting interpretation of the interview. It makes me sound miffed, when I am most definitely not. And it makes me sound critical, when that's not true either.

I was delighted Jeremy Corbyn used my ideas. I admit they could have been better used. I wish more of them were at the heart of UK political debate now.

We do need to tackle the tax gap.

We do not need austerity.

A strong opposition is needed.

We will need People's Quantitative Easing in due course.

And I am available to discuss these ideas with those who are interested in any party (and none) likely to take them seriously.