To Montreal

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I admit to being only an occasional blogger on Saturday morning. Even the most passionate of bloggers must take some time off. This morning, however, I am in my way to Montreal and the combination of an early start, the wait at Heathrow and, maybe, the odd moment of in flight inspiration (because I can be pretty sure I won't be watching a film) might lead to some 'thought for the day'.

Why to Montreal? Fundamentally to take part in a debate on Tuesday at the TaxCOOP conference at McGill University on the need for corporate taxation. My opponent is long time adversary Dan Mitchell of the amusingly entitled Center for Freedom and Prosperity, to which the words 'for the Already Wealthy' should properly be appended.

As interesting though will be the seminar I am taking part in with McGill tax law students on Monday. My theme is 'Theory to practice: from the secrecy space to the Fair Tax Mark' but I note the students (being budding tax lawyers) have largely shown interest in the revenue generating end of the spectrum and as such the Fair Tax Mark looks to be their focus of interest from initial comments received. 

This whole process may disrupt blogging. 

I am back early Wednesday and then on Friday go to Ireland for the weekend of festivities at Kilkenomics, and that I am very much looking forward to.

It's going to be a busy week.