HMRC are looking for work at less than the minimum wage

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The following is reposted from the London School of Business and Finance website, in the public interest:

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) are looking for independent members to give an oversight of tax authority by joining the new Charter committee.

The body will be a subcommittee of HMRC's board charged with overseeing how the tax authority adheres to its Charter commitments, which set out taxpayers’ rights in the UK economy. The move is aimed at strengthening governance.

Four recruits

The committee wants four people to join the membership of HMRC executives, non-executives, and a range of external stakeholders from across the spectrum of HMRC’s customer groups.

The new subcommittee will be chaired by Edwina Dunn, the non-executive HMRC board member and Charter champion.

New role

The new members will represent HMRC’s broad customer groups, offering constructive advice and challenging the board to fulfil the Charter commitments where needed.

These commitments revolve around issues such as making sure taxpayers are treated with respect, the use of representatives, data protection, and cutting administrative costs.

The new recruits will not be paid, but will have expenses reimbursed for travel and other outlays needed to carry out their duties.

Three points. First, I don't take this seriously. These groups need to be on the main board, not a token sub-committee.

Second, it is quite unacceptable to ask people to do this for nothing. Why should a small business person lose revenue to work for HMRC? The days when jobs went to those of independent means should be over. There's also that thing called the minimum wage to consider, in my opinion. HMRC is not a voluntary organisation and HMRC is meant to both enforce this regulation and so, I think, set appropriate standards for behaviour.

Third, I will not be applying, but if anyone is interested, give it a go.