Why do we need China when we could have People’s Quantitative Easing?

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I am quite happy to put it on record that I have major reservations about accepting China as a major partner with the UK. I could start with their human rights record, their distaste for democracy (which is undiminished) and their treatment of Tibet. I could continue with the fact that they still at least notionally adhere to a communist agenda that I find unattractive. And then I could mention their economic weaknesses. None of these say to me I would not trade with China; that is very hard in the modern world. But they are enough to make me think that relying on them as the source of funding for UK infrastructure is just, to be candid, very unwise.

Especially when, if there are no other alternatives available (and I do not accept that is true, by the way) that infrastructure could be funded by People's Quantitative Easing.

I juts thought I should mention it, just in case anyone had forgotten it.

PS I am thinking of producing a comprehensive guide to People's Quantitative Easing. Would there be any demand for it?