Is it really possible that Jeremy Hunt can say this?

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As the Guardian notes this afternoon:

Jeremy Hunt says tax credit cuts will help to teach British to work as hard as the Chinese

The argument is, of course an old one. J K Galbraith once noted, ironically, that tax cuts were supposed to motivate the rich and tax increases were meant to motivate the poor. As he asked, appropriately, given how absurd he thought the argument to be, where was the point of inflexion? At what level of income did the equation flip? 

The truth of course is that rich are no different from the rest of us. There is no inflexion point. The whole argument is wrong. It's just convenient for the rich to think otherwise.

It is regrettable that Jeremy Hunt clearly subscribes to the penal view of punishing the poor to make them work.

The workhouse is just a step away.