Book review: More Bees Bigger Bonnets

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I reckon everyone has heroes. One of mine is a man I have not met. His name is Steve Pottinger. He's a poet. On occasion he can be an angry poet. He brought you this:

And now he has a new book out, which includes that poem and a fair selection of others that, if you like and read poetry (and both apply to me) or want to find a voice that expresses things that matter to you in unexpected ways might be worth your time reading.

The book is called More Bees, Bigger Bonnets.

Why does it work for me? Three reasons. Because I think poets change the world, and Steve is trying to do just that.

Second, this is contemporary, performance related poetry in the tradition of the jester, deliberately seeking with humour and insight to challenge the powers that be.

Third, because when my 14 year old son said he hated poetry I introduced him to Steve's work and then he wasn't so sure. In other words, his world view changed. If that's what poetry should achieve then Steve does it.

And at modest cost this is a volume to enjoy, to leave in the loo so that others do too, and to help the voices of change. You can buy it here.