Will it be ‘reds under beds’ soon at the Guardian?

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The Guardian's lack of objectivity on the fact that a left of centre candidate has stood for leadership of the Labour party (I use the term left of centre wisely) continues.

Anne Perkins has had her third Comment is Free article on Jeremy Corbyn published in fewer days.

And now the Guardian illustrates its headline story that he would split the party if elected because some business sponsors would walk away with this image (which I reproduce because it is my story):

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 06.12.19

I am ruling out the possibility that this shot was produced with a red filter, or that the tome was photoshopped on. I guess the photographer simply got lucky with the red curtains casting the hue and used it to good effect. But the resulting message is clear: it really won't be long before the Guardian is writing about reds under the bed at this rate.

A change of editor is definitely not becoming the paper at present. I continue to stress that who Labour chooses is not my business and I will not be voting although I could, of course, register to do so. But this paranoia is my business. They really do need to get a grip.