Privatisation as the mechanism for dismantling the state

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This quote, via Bloomberg, reveals what privatisation has always been about:

Slovene Prime Minister Miro Cerar says a few open issues are making it hard for euro-area leaders to reach an accord in new Greek bailout talks.

"One open question is the formation of an international fund for Greece that would supervise the privatization in Greece, it’s about the use and the availability of funds that would result from privatization".

Privatisation has always been about dismantling the state and handing it to bankers and their friends.

That's what is being fought over in Greece. The question that the EU is asking is how much should the bankers get as Greece is torn to shreds.

The right of the state is at the heart of the Greek crisis. And if the bankers win they will expect to do so again, and again, and again.

No wonder I believe in QE, where the state owns its own debt. And in green infrastructure quantitative easing most of all.