The work for tax justice will go on

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I made clear yesterday that I was not endorsing any party in the general election. I stand by that. But I admit, that like almost everyone else, I did not expect the result we are clearly having as I write early this morning.

I am disappointed by the result that is emerging. Not for reasons of party politics, but because of what the result might mean.

I am deeply troubled by a divided country.

I am concerned that there is going to be a government who have shown such indifference to the vulnerable in our society.

The prospect of a Conservative government imposing heavy cuts on our economy troubles me deeply economically when it is so economically unnecessary.

I worry deeply about the implications of those cuts on the economy, and on the incomes of so many who already struggle.

I worry that we will have a weak government that is set on tearing itself apart in an EU referendum.

I think that the stress between Westminster and Holyrood will create enormous stress on the Union.

I worry about the growth in inequality that will, I am sure, arise and the stress it will create in society.

I worry about the transfer of power from parliament to business that TTIP will represent.

I am fearful for the implications for tax competition that are inherent in this result which could shift the tax burden from business to ordinary people.

I worry about a party that has not got environmental concerns in its DNA being in office.

I am worried that we have a party opposed to constitutional reform in office.

I am worried that those who cannot survive in the world the Conservatives want to create may not be able to constrain their frustrations.

So, of course I am concerned about the result.

But I am a democrat and will work within this deeply unstable situation to promote the concerns I have pursued for many years because if anything they feel more important than ever.

The work for tax and social justice goes on. It has come a long way, and it will continue to do so. Of that I am sure.