Building a new narrative

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There are a number of very clear lessons to be learned from the general election result.

The first is that the austerity narrative works in the UK as a whole although it is economically illiterate.

The second, is that the SNP developed an anti-austerity narrative and it very clearly worked in Scotland.

The third is that the middle ground appears to have disappeared from UK politics.

The fourth, the remnants of the New Labour years should now lose their influence on Labour.

What does this all mean? I suggest that what is clear is that the time has come for those who have concern for social, economic and tax justice need to build a new narrative in England and Wales.

This will be an enormous task. I relish it. It's a shame that Labour blocked progress on that issue so strongly over the last few years. I hope they won't do so again. There are far, far too many people in this country who deserve better.

The SNP has shown what is possible.

Now the passion for change that Scotland has shown can exist has to be recreated elsewhere.

That is very obviously possible, but what is clear is that if those with social and economic justice concerns want to see the country run with those interests to the fore then they cannot do so by working on an agenda dictated by the UK's right wing parties, think tanks and press.

Building that narrative is now the task in hand.