The end of the Union

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As the FT has reported:

The Conservatives will ban Scottish MPs from having a deciding vote on any changes to the rates of income tax in their first Budget if they win next month’s election, David Cameron will announce on Friday.

That then is the end of the Union.

What the Scots failed to secure by referendum last year Cameron will now seek to deliver by the back door.

Deny the Scots a vote on income tax in the UK and they are in the process denied the chance to engage in macroeconomic debate for the country of which they are still a part, and of which David Cameron says he intends that they should remain. Is it surprising they intend to vote as the opinion polls suggest likely?

Three thoughts follow.

First, he now believes that Scotland is a colony to be ruled from London.

Or he wants the SNP to win in Scotland without any consideration given to the consequences.

Or he's a fool.

I'm struggling to find any other alternatives.

And the impact is massive whichever, or however many, are true.