Election Guide: What’s at stake for fairer taxes?

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Election Guide: What's at stake for fairer taxes?

With a foreword by Richard Murphy
March 2015

Part of the series: Election 2015: What's at stake?

This guide outlines how the tax system is regressive, benefiting the rich and penalising the poor. Proportionally tax from working people is not matched by the contributions of the rich. Widespread tax avoidance allows companies and wealthy individuals to shirk their responsibilities to public services. This guide sets out how progressive policies on taxation can rebalance contributions in a way that is fair.

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Factsheet: Policy priorities for the next government

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Part of the series: Election 2015: What's at stake?

Launch event: Election 2015: What’s at stake for tax?
6:30pm | Thurs 19 March | Tony Benn House, Victoria Street, Bristol, BS1 6AY
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Over a period of thirty years top rates of income tax have fallen from 60% to 45%, corporation tax rates will have more than halved, the use of tax havens by UK based multinational corporations is now officially sanctioned and even encouraged by tax law whilst VAT is at its highest ever rate.

At the same time inequality in the UK has risen. The share of national income paid to labour has fallen and investment in our tax system has been reduced, to the benefit of tax avoiders and, inevitably, tax evaders. Those outcomes have all contributed to a now persistent narrative that the government has no choice but cut public services, pensions, benefit payments and investment in our collective futures. This event will challenge this narrative and debate what policies are needed to ensure that an alternative, progressive tax system.