Beating European tax abuse the Oxfam way

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Oxfam has published its precipitous for beating tax abuse in Europe. They say:

Oxfam is calling upon the European institutions, especially the European Commission in its two tax-related proposals for 2015, to:

1. Support the creation of a UN inter-governmental body on tax cooperation, by calling for a Ministerial roundtable on tax during the Financing for Development Conference in Addis Ababa in July 2015.

2. Increase corporate tax transparency by adopting public country by country reporting rules for large companies in all sectors, to build on what has been decided for the European banking sector.

3. Increase corporate tax harmonisation in Europe by ensuring a compulsory common consolidated corporate tax base in all 28 countries, which makes certain that taxes are paid where profits and real economic value is created.

4. Analyse the negative impacts one member state’s tax system can have on other European and developing countries, and provide public recommendations for change.

I am more than happy to support those calls.

And yes, I do occassionally work for Oxfam, but not on this.