Does Jeremy Clarkson matter?

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The BBC has suspended Jeremy Clarkson. No one is quite sure what he has done this time. And so why do I think it matters enough to comment in it?

Simply because they have suspended him.

And taken his immensely popular programme, that makes them a massive amount of money, off air. 

That's important precisely because the message is that however big an ago might be and however much it's overstated significance might generate in income and however much taaking action may upset people there comes a point where conduct is unacceptable.

Many might think that this point had already been reached in Clarkson's case. But the important point is that it appears it has been. And that message is incredibly important because what it says is that power does require accountability. The two are not, after all, unrelated.

HSBC directors please note.

BBC trustees pleas one.

The Establishment please note.

There are limits.

And if Clarkson helps demonstrate that fact then that's important. And welcome , even if he just shuffles off to another channel, as he inevitably will. The point will still be made that actions can have consequences and it is overdue that some appreciated this.