I can’t support a tax strike – but you can campaign for a Tax Dodging Bill

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I am aware that Emma Thompson and Greg Wise are threatening to go on tax strike until HSBC are prosecuted for assisting tax evasion.

I admire their conviction and courage and wish them well but cannot suggest that others follow their action.

The penalties for paying taxes due later than law requires are substantial and automatically imposed and there is no possibility of waiver for acting out of conscience. For most people this gesture will, then, be very expensive indeed.

I am also not sure that refusing to pay tax is the best way for most people to show their commitment to paying it, although headline cases like this might work.

There are ways of protesting about tax but I am not sure that this will be the best for most people and so I cannot endorse a widespread tax strike.

But campaigning for a Tax Dodging Bill is something anyone could do. And should, in my opinion.