It’s Tuesday so it must be Paris

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There have only been three Tuesday's this year and this will be my second in Paris.

Today's meeting is on how to provide tax relief on interest paid for multinational companies who, as Luxleaks has shown, are in the habit of generating such costs internally to shift profit to low tax locations.

The meeting is small and only for civil society and academics: business get their own show before we all meet again on 17 February.

There will, as far as I know be just seven present apart from those from the OECD. Three of us are from the BEPS Monitoing Group that is so ably led by Prof Sol Picciotto. Three are academics and one will be representing trade unions (I am not, on this occasion).

You probably have to be an enthusiast yo look forward to such meetings, but I am. This is where change can happen. I am hoping.