The Domination of the City: Holding the City To Account

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I'm taking part in an event for the People's Parliament under the above title on Tuesday, Dec 16th, 6.30-8.30 pm in Committee Room 16 of the House of Commons.

Along with the Tax Justice Network I have long argued that the scale and power of the City of London and support TJN's view that there is a Finance Curse which afflicts the rest of the UK.

In this session of the People's Parliament at Westminster a variety of speakers including Professor Prem SikkaRichard Murphy, TJN's John Christensen, Richard Brooks and Robert Palmer will discuss the overbearing presence of the City in Britain's political sphere and suggest measures that can be taken to make the City more democratically accountable.

John McDonnell MP will be chairing.

**Entrance is FREE, but please allow at least 15 minutes to come through Parliament security. The nearest entrance is via St.StephensGate.**

PS I am aware that this is an all-white and male panel. That's not my choice.

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